CBT - Patch Notes 24/02/17

Known Issues

• The PLAY BATTLEGROUNDS button occasionally may not work. If this occurs, please click the refresh button 
• Changing graphics options may sometimes result in crashes 
• Some animations may break during reload


• Improved Global Illumination. All elements in the world are now lit more realistically. 
• The starting location has been changed. Players now start on a small island, with various weapons available for them to play with. All weapons are removed before a round begins. 
• Added new buildings (School, Hospital, Health Center, Stores, Restaurant) 
• Added new locations (Lake, River, Logging area, Swamp, Flooded town, Shooting range, Power plant, Quarry, Ruined castle, Underground bunker) 
• Completed the military base located on the southern island 
• Trees and grass on the mountain areas have been reworked 
• Graphics quality on the plains have been improved and various cover objects have been added 
• Improved all building exteriors and interiors and are now more realistic 
• Improved the overall appearance of towns 
• Added environmental sound effects and the environment is now much more realistic 
• Added rainy weather. Rounds have a 10% chance of starting with rain.

Action & Gunplay

• Adjusted balance for all weapons and attachments 
• Added new recoil system 
• Added new equip weapon animations. Changing weapons is no longer instantaneous. 
• Added changes to movement speed, by weapon class, while in 3rd person aim-mode & ADS 
• Added new reload when current magazine is empty 
• Added a new scope 
• Added motion captured animations (WIP) 
• Added melee 
• Non-equipped weapons are now shown on the character’s back 
• Improved driving mechanics. This will prevent unexpected movements and non-responsive vehicles 
• You can now lean to your left and right by holding the Q or the E key 
• You can now use throwable items both over and underhand. You can toggle between under and overhanded throwing by right clicking on the mouse when in the throwing stance


• Player count per round has now been increased to 96. If we are not happy with server performance, this will be reduced 
• You can now select when to jump out of the airplane when a round starts by pressing F 
• Made changes to how you maneuver your character when free-falling and/or parachuting down to the island 
• Some fences are now destructible 
• Team Mode] You can now spectate as your team mate if you die first 
• Team Mode] Added a “crawl” animation in the REVIVE state


• Added 3 new hair styles for male and female characters 
• Added 10 new skins for the CBT crate 
• Added 2 new gas masks 
• Added descriptions for every item 
• Added Ghillie suit. This can only be obtained in air-dropped care packages


• The UI has been reworked (WIP) 
• Added ability to view your character and gear in the inventory 
• Added highlight to lootable items so that they can be more easily recognized 
• Added ability to split stackable items 
• Added a kill counter to the inventory screen 
• Added ability to mark a specific spot on the map (Right-click) (WIP)


• Added various options for graphics and sound 
• Added more options for key bindings 
• Added ability to set mouse sensitivity for multiple situations 
• Added ability to use heal and boost items via hotkeys


• Adjusted attenuation ranges and low pass filter for all gun classes (WIP) 
• Re-made all weapon samples for all ranges and silenced versions (WIP) 
• Added shell drop sound effect depending on impact surface 
• Adjusted bullet passby effect (crack/whizz sound). Still needs subsonic/supersonic implementation (WIP) 
• Adjusted footstep sounds and footstep attenuation depending on player speed and stance 
• Added reload sounds, gun foley sounds and rustle sounds 
• Added separation to remote positional and local non-positional audio


• The lobby UI has been reworked (WIP) 
• Upcoming blue zones can now be formed at the edge of the current play area 
• Adjusted timing of the blue zones 
• Adjusted item balance 
• Made improvements to performance and stability 
• Fixed some critical bugs from the previous Alpha, including the “Invisible Character” issue



Announcing Closed Beta!


Closed Beta Update 1