Get Access to the Codename: Savage Closed Experimental Server

Hi everybody, 


Our new 4x4 map is deep in development, and we need your help to make it good! Starting right now, you can sign up for access to the Codename: Savage closed experimental server by heading over to this website:


Once you get your key, just activate it through Steam. Heads up that the codes distributed through this site will only work if you already own a copy of the base game.


The test is limited in large part because Codename: Savage is still in early developmentmany parts are unfinished. Thats because we want to get the community involved early to drive development of the map in the right direction. Once weve gotten the map into a better state, well run some other, bigger tests.


The first test will run from 7pm PDT on April 2nd (today) until 4am PDT on April 5th. Well let you know when weve decided the dates for the second round of testing.



Your Friends at PUBG Corp.


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