Announcing Closed Beta!


Tomorrow we start our Closed Beta Test! We are excited to show you how far the game has progressed since our last round of testing 3 months ago. Today I want to run through some of the bigger changes we have made to the game.

But first, we have some new key art for you to see!


Now to the changes we have made to the game! You can read the full set of changes in the patch notes here

Known Issues

 - Changing graphics setting during a round may result in a game crash
 - Some animations may break during reload
 - The PLAY BATTLEGROUNDS button occasionally may not work. If this occurs, please click the referesh button


We have increased our max player count to 96! We will be testing performance with this number during the first weekend of the CBT. If the servers underperform we will reduce the number for the second weekend.

We also have changed the starting mechanics. Now, you will be able to choose when you can jump from the plane, instead of the game ejecting you all at once. This is designed to allow players to both spread out more during the start of the round and also allows players to better loot before the play zone starts. We have found that this new mechanic leads to a much more mid & end-game action, and less RNG deaths at the start of the round.

We added the ability to crawl slowly with in the REVIVE state, and if you die in teamplay modes, you will now be able to spectate your teammate for as long as he survives.

All wooden doors and some fences are now destructible! You can use rifles, shotguns or grenades to destroy doors all across the island!

For looting, we have added a small highlight to lootable objects in order to make them stand out against their background. We have also adjusted item balance, and will continue to make adjustments based on your feedback over the course of the CBT and EA periods.

Finally, we have added a rainy weather effect. Rounds have a 10% chance of starting with rain.


The art team have spent the last 3 months working on creating a much more realistic lighting profile for the game. You should see a marked improvement in both outdoor and indoor lighting, with the world appearing more vivid.

Level Design

We have completed the level design for the island. What this means is that all the areas and locations we planned have been added. These new locations include a river, lake, logging area, swamp, a flooded town, shooting range, power plant, quarry, ruined castle and an underground bunker. These new locations will receive more work over the coming months to polish and complete them fully.

We have also reworked the exterior and interior of all buildings on the island. This includes the addition of props and new decals to make each building more unique. We have also added environmental sound and visual effects to give the island some atmosphere.



We have completely reworked our gunplay system in order to provide you with a more realistic combat experience. This work included adjusting the balance for all weapons and attachments, adding a new recoil system and changing the reload mechanics based on the status of your magazine.

We have also added our new motion captured animations. These animations are still a work in progress and we will be adding more polish to them over the coming months, as well as adding new features to this system.

Vehicles have also been improved which will lead to less unexpected movement and unresponsive handling.


We are in the process of upgrading our UI. The inventory screen has been completely remade, and it should lead to a much better experience when playing games. The in-game HUD is still being worked on, and is not complete as of beta. We have also redesigned the out-game UI. Please remember that the overall UI for the game is still a work in progress and you will see many updates to its look over the coming months!



We now give you a lot more control over all aspects of the game. You can set mouse sensitivities for all views, and added hotkeys for boost and healing items. We have also increased the number of graphic and sound settings you can change.

This is all for now and I'll see you in-game!





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CBT - Patch Notes 24/02/17